DBA Greece 2016

Lecturer: Dr. Anna Maria Yiannikos / Dr. Nikolaos Nakas
Session 1: 18th to 20th March 2016
Session 2: 20th to 22nd May 2016
Session 3: 30th June to 3rd July 2016
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7 Steps to Dental Paradise

This presentation includes a series of phrases and wording extremely useful for the daily communication of the dental team with patients. This small guide is the solution to:

  • Daily communication problems within dental practice
  • Biggest efficiency and patient treatment acceptance
  • Create a more upgraded status of clinic and staff through certain manners & clinic code / etiquette
  • Give patients a higher quality level of services
  • Efficiently communicate quality to patients through the behaviour of your team & wording used

Basic Administrational Guide for Dental Clinic!

The purpose of this presentation is to create a basis for every dental clinic in order to perform better every day tasks and maximize the efficiency of its staff as well as have a high standard quality services.
It is consisted of 5 basic steps with a small analysis of each step as well as smart and easy daily tips.

A crucial question: “Do we need to master presentation skills?”

The truth is that each time we stand in front of an audience, whether it is of 200 people in a congress or only our patient and us, we are selling ourselves, our message, our treatment plan. There are many consequences to not making a good presentation.  The most important and usual is that we limit our career potential and also lose business.

So in the end it comes up to either Loose or Boost our business!

Oral Presentation our opportunity to:

  • to educate our employees or our dear with our patients
  • to persuade our suppliers for a better deal or influence our patients and gain higher case acceptance!
  • to motivate our team members
  • to boost our academic career

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Profitability VS Productivity VS Time!

If we are able to complete a lot of dental treatments during an office day it does not necessarily mean that we are as profitable as possible!

For example in order to be as profitable as possible we have to accomplish best rates by our suppliers and have a low cost of treatment or offer premium services in order to be able to charge a suitable amount for the treatment.

Another option we can consider would be to invest on dental equipment such as a Laser or CAD/CAM that assist us in maximizing our efficiency and minimizing our time!

Learn all about how to maximize your efficiency and profitability from DBA Accounting Module! DBA – Dental Business Administration Mastership Course



Are you in the process of buying high-tech dental equipment like a laser or a CAD-CAM?

If yes you should know right from the beginning how to gain the maximum possible ROI (Return On Investment) as soon as possible. How about achieving the above in only 6 months? Impossible? Not at all! You just need to know how to design and prepare your own strategic plan from the beginning!

Learn all about how to achieve ROI from DBA Marketing Module! DBA – Dental Business Administration Mastership Course

Are you in the process of buying a high-tech dental equipment like a laser or a CAD-CAM?