Tip of the Week

Management, Marketing,  Administration and many more!

“Weekly Tips to boost the power and efficiency of your dental clinic!”

– The VIP Seminar Concept –

Learn How to reward your loyal patients, educate them and position yourself as an expert all in one shot!” 

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the power of words

‘Know not only what to say but how you say! Involve all your team in this process and use powerful words to share your message with full success!

– Do you have your script? Learn how to make your own specialized communication script with DBA Presentation Skills Module 

– Involve our employees!

Let’s involve our employees to different projects and tasks in order to make them understand what we are talking about better, as Confucius declared at 450 BC there are different methods for pedagogy

employee productivity • Tell me only, and I shall forget-10%
• Show me, and I may remember-40%
• Involve me, and I shall understand-80%


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