Stop the decline of your new employee’s performance immediately and find ways to boost it instead!


Stop the decline of your new employee’s performance immediately and find ways to boost it instead!

You have already chosen an excellent employee, you’ve tested them and they have demonstrated exceptional performance. What happens if a month later, you find out that their performance is not as promising as it was at the beginning?

Do you start thinking,

Whether or not your choice was wrong?

Have they lost their motivation?

What is wrong?

Do they feel bored?

Of course, you know that they are an excellent employee and you want to identify the cause of this worrying unexpected decline in performance!

Follow the following 5 steps to find out how to handle the situation with ease, effortlessly and effectively!

Here is how it goes:

  1. Firstly check yourself.

Before you see them, figure out the situation with yourself first. Do your own self-reflection and figure out whether the issue is something that’s consistently occurring or if it’s just a one off incident.

“They’re making mistakes, they aren’t as focused as they used to be” – Stop the assumptions. These will only raise your stress levels!

Call them for a meeting! Do not allow any disruptions! Take 45 minutes out of your schedule to mend the issue!

  1. Keep the tone of the conversation at a natural and casual balance.

It is very important to create an environment in which they will feel comfortable expressing and sharing the honest reasons behind their latest trends in behavior.This will benefit you, as from here you can start working through the problem

  1. Use the sandwich technique – What is this and how do I apply it?

Start with the following (example):

‘Mary I am so happy that you are part of our team’

Continue by stating a fact – ‘you have showcased your determination to us from the beginning, Last week, I noticed a slump in your performance, I was wondering what the root of the problem is.

And you can end it with:

‘I am certain that we can deal with and resolve the issue effectively. I am here to assist you in anything you need

What do you require from us?’

  1. Give them space to express themselves, do not interrupt and try to see beyond their words.

What is the real problem?

Do they feel anxious about completing the tasks at hand well?

Do they feel that the situation is very new and just need some time to adjust?

Whatever the reason is, you should identify it and be certain that by the time you finish the conversation, you have both devised a plan to fix the problem and leave this unpleasant situation behind!

  1. Set up a time to re-evaluate this matter and make sure it has been resolved!

You can ask them to select the date of the next meeting that will evaluate any changes on their own.

This will make them feel responsible, in charge and in control of their own behavior.

As you can tell it’s not difficult to follow the above steps. Is it?

Use these as a protocol for your clinic, it will make you feel like you have control. You now know the exact steps required to resolve a matter of the like.

I am sure it will give you greater peace of mind, more time and energy! Try it and let me know what you think!