DBA Course – New Dates – 1st Session Announcement

The new dates for the 1st European Dental Business Administration Mastership course exclusively design from Dentists for Dentists, Dental Managers/ Administrators are finally announced.

The 1st session of the course will begin on the 26th of October till the 30th of October 2014. The modules consisting the 1st session are:

  1. Marketing,
  2. Presentation & Communication Skills,
  3. Accounting,
  4. Creation of Business Plan,
  5. Human Resources Management.

Location: Nicosia – Cyprus

The dates for the second session will be announced shortly.The course can be attended either as daily seminars, as a selection of seminars or as a complete Masterhip course.Diploma will be awarded be the pioneers in dental education AALZ – Germany.

For further information and registration regarding the course please contact us.

AALZ Cyprus

Contact Person

Marianna Koutrakou                                                                                                                 t: +357 22 764 765                                                                                                                   f: +357 22 756 160                                                                                                                   e: dba@yiannikosdental.com / dba@aalz.de                                                                          w: http://www.dba-aalz.com

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A crucial question: “Do we need to master presentation skills?”

The truth is that each time we stand in front of an audience, whether it is of 200 people in a congress or only our patient and us, we are selling ourselves, our message, our treatment plan. There are many consequences to not making a good presentation.  The most important and usual is that we limit our career potential and also lose business.

So in the end it comes up to either Loose or Boost our business!

Oral Presentation our opportunity to:

  • to educate our employees or our dear with our patients
  • to persuade our suppliers for a better deal or influence our patients and gain higher case acceptance!
  • to motivate our team members
  • to boost our academic career

Learn all about Presentation Skills from DBA Presentation & Communication skills Module! DBA – Dental Business Administration Mastership Course by AALZ


Which race do you want to run?

As Porter declared there are 2 main strategies in a business level that we can apply:

  • The cost leader (offering the best price in the market)
  • The differentiator (offering different/similar services but in a unique way)

If you wish to be perceived by your patients as a professional the only strategy that you should follow is the differentiator strategy! When we follow the option of a cost leader sooner or later another colleague will come along with lower prices and we will lose our strategic asset.  Also very cheap services create doubt to our patients’ minds making them reconsider our quality and educational status a result that we should at all cost avoid.

Learn all about Porter’s Strategies from DBA Business Plan Module! DBA – Dental Business Administration Mastership Course by AALZ


Are you in the process of buying high-tech dental equipment like a laser or a CAD-CAM?

If yes you should know right from the beginning how to gain the maximum possible ROI (Return On Investment) as soon as possible. How about achieving the above in only 6 months? Impossible? Not at all! You just need to know how to design and prepare your own strategic plan from the beginning!

Learn all about how to achieve ROI from DBA Marketing Module! DBA – Dental Business Administration Mastership Course

Are you in the process of buying a high-tech dental equipment like a laser or a CAD-CAM?

Avoid copy paste interviews or you will get copy paste answers!

Instead of following the same old questions be creative, be spontaneous. Listen to the candidate and ask him/her questions that can really reveal his character and personality like you would have done with a friend. After all at the end of the day we tend to spent more time with our colleagues and associates than with our own family and friends.  Surprisingly as a result of this habit (copy paste interviews) we tend to hire people for their skills and fire them for their character!

Part of HRM Module – DBA – Dental Business Administration Mastership Course “Interview Process: Design appropriate question to receive the appropriate answers!”

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Avoid copy paste interviews or you will get copy paste answers!
Avoid copy paste interviews or you will get copy paste answers!