“Acknowledge your environment by learning how to make your own PEST Analysis!”

PEST Analysis (Political, Economic, Social and Technological analysis) is a very useful tool in the environmental scanning process of strategic management.

By making an effective use of PEST analysis we are able to adopt the changes affecting our world towards our own benefit! For example imagine if you are considering of working as a dentist in another country, if you have made a PEST analysis on the country you can know from the beginning which are the available opportunities, and how to design your approach and management in order to succeed. Also you can be aware of upcoming treats and changes so you can efficiently avoid and minimize them.

Learn all about PEST Analysis from DBA Business Plan Module! DBA – Dental Business Administration Mastership Course by AALZ

“Acknowledge your environment by learning how to make your own PEST Analysis!”
“Acknowledge your environment by learning how to make your own PEST Analysis!”

DBA 2nd Presentation at AALZ booth AEEDC 2014

The succesful 2nd presentation of the DBA Mastership Course by AALZ was completed at AEEDC 2014.

We would like to thank  all participants and visitors for your warm welcome and encouraging feedback!

We are looking forward to seeing you all innovators in Aachen for the 1st launch of DBA. The course that will change dentists perspective in business!

DBA – Earn Control  Maintain Power

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                Dr. Anna Maria Yiannikos, Course Leader/Director

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DBA 2nd Presentation at AEEDC 2014 Dubai

After the 1st succesful presentation of DBA Mastership Course at 1st International GLOBAL  & WALED Congress Istanbul we  proudly invite you to the 2nd presentation that will be made during the AEEDC Dubai Conference 2014.

You will find us at AALZ boothNo 505 Hall 7!      Looking forward to seeing you all there!

More information at  dba@aalz.de

DBA – Mini MBA designed exclusively from dentists for Dentists by AALZ

aeedc 2014

Book Now our Early Bird Fee..

Book Now our Early Bird Fee..

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