Your New Years Resolution! – DBA Mastership Course!

new years resolution DBA Mastership

Even though I was well educated and graduated with honors from dental school, starting my practice was complicated and there were issues I was completely unprepared to deal with. I was confident in my technical ability and I always enjoyed the people part of the practice.

However I made a string of costly and avoidable mistakes that set me back time and again. I lost patients due to poor communication. I hired assistants that looked good at first but then didn’t show up for work or were rude to the patients. I had no idea how to get patients in the door and spent countless money on pamphlets, flyers and advertising. My revenue was so low in the early days, each of these mistakes cost me dearly.

I also learned a priceless lesson. I learned that difficult circumstances can inspire even a beginning dentist to amazing heights. I now own a successful that treats efficiently an approximate of 20-25 patients per day and have developed and launched my own dream the DBA – Dental Business Administration Mastership Course to save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of your precious time so you can build a thriving practice of your own.

I will personally hold your hand and teach you step by step how to setup and manage a highly successful dental business. During your DBA Mastership Training topics covered include but are not limited to:

  • How to set up a unique clinic that sets you apart in your community
  • How to read and understand your own financial records (Key To Success)
  • How to negotiate constructively with dental and related professionals
  • How to understand, design and implement a marketing campaign
  • How to price dental services and present treatment plans to patients
  • How to choose a marketing team and achieve positive ROI (Return on Investment)
  • How to choose the star employees and retain them
  • How to increase patient loyalty through effective communication
  • How to use the internet and social media to communicate with patients

Even though completing my MBA certainly brought me up to speed with my business practices, in order to implement them I had to refine and redesign them based upon my needs in my own dental clinic.

Luckily, you don’t have to go through all of that time and effort. DBA Mastership Training is the fastest and most economical Dental Business Training available – a program completely focused and dedicated on dental business and you, the dentist with real dental examples, tested protocols, research, content and relevant exercises.

I have taken the heart of the business knowledge from the three whole years that I spent earning my MBA, I have condensed the program so in just a few days you can receive exactly what you need to create your thriving practice!

In order to fully support you in this New Year, I have arranged a very special gift so that you can bring your assistant or colleague or clinic manager along with you to the training for a fraction of the full tuition – only 1000€. I also am offering a tuition reduction for 24 hours of 500€ to inspire you to take the leap to support the business end of your dental practice.  In more detail you now have:

  1. DBA full 2017 Dental Business Exclusive Program in Cyprus at the price of 4500€ Early Bird Fee Extended so you can benefit from all assets that the DBA can bring to your professional and financial life – save 500€
  2. Team Combo: Bring your assistant, your dental business manager, your associate with you so you can collaborate and build your dream together for the amazing price of 1000€ for the full educational program saving 4000€!!!

When you register with any of the above 2 option you gain as extra gifts:

  1. *Extra Bonus 1 – Private Consultation: Earn 2 completely free 1 to 1 private consultation sessions of 30′ at own convenience before or after the beginning of the program. Book your own motivation and personal discovery sessions to find solutions and get one step closer to your dream dental practice! Value: 400€/No Charge for You!
  2. *Extra Bonus 2 – ABC of Dental Success: 3 Months free subscription to the ABC of Dental Success – the 26 day Success Coaching Program that includes 2 monthly sessions of 15-minute coaching recordings exclusively designed to give you all the powerful and practical tools to create and gain your own SUCCESS as a dental practitioner. From 325€ completely free only for you!!!
  3. *Extra Bonus 3 – Teleseminars: You will be included in two upcoming teleseminars with topic ‘How to resolve the unique issues surrounding a dentist’s relationship with money’ of a duration of 45 minutes each. Value 499€/ Another extra gift from me to you.
  4. *Extra Bonus 4 – One full year membership in the DBA Success Alliance. This exclusive group of dental professionals is the secret to your success as a prosperous dentist with a thriving practice.  As a member of DBA Success Alliance you will have monthly access to me by teleseminar as well as countless resources and dental business building ideas from the energy created by the group. Value 499€/Included with your enrollment fees.

To register for the next DBA Mastership Class from January 21 through January 25, 2017 click Below Now:

Register Now Only for You with the Early Bird Extended Special Gift for the Complete Program 4500€


Share the love with your team and register now with Team Combo for You and Your Colleague/Assistant for the price of both of you for the complete program 5500€


dba-essential-tools-gr-long-logos“Start your new year with power and resources that you never had before! Looking forward in meeting you in person and designing together your own path to success!”

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